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Make the PR That Means Business

When you want to stand out, choosing Engage Media Solutions will make all the difference.

PR -Strategy

Getting covered by business dailies and national newspapers can provide new businesses and startups a massive boost that they need to become successful.
Do you know why you need professional PR support? It is because it can help you build credibility, increases the investment opportunities, and attracts new customers. It helps you to compete with the industry leaders that are already there for many years. Our PR professionals ensure that our customers get the necessary influential coverage whether it is from local, national, or international media platforms.
We help then in developing the right PR strategy which is essential to build their foundation. Our PR strategists work very close to our customers and guide them in creating an effective PR program that help them to achieve their business goals and objectives. We offer fully integrated PR campaigns that are needed to make your business successful.


Media Dipstick Study

Want to know how your clients are perceiving your brand’ or business? If yes, then professionals from our company can help you to perform a media dipstick study of your brand. We will perform media dipstick surveys to analyze the market response of your business in different areas. The surveys are basically conducted in the form of open-ended questions where customers can speak freely about your brand.
Using a media dipstick study you can analyze the behavior of your customers and know how they are perceiving your brand. It will also help you to know your weaknesses in certain areas so you can improve them and get ahead of your competitors.

PR Strategy for Funding

Want to raise more funding for your startup or small business? We help you to set up the right PR strategy and get your next round of funding. If you're looking to raise funding, then it is essential that you have a well-thought-out PR strategy. A good PR strategy can help you raise more funding.
If you do not have a clear idea of how your startup or small business will be perceived by your potential investors, it can be challenging to get them on board because they will not know what kind of company you are running. Having the right PR strategy for funding will give them insight as to what type of company they are investing in. Our team of PR experts is here to help you get the right media strategy that would help you to raise funds for your business needs.


Build Thought Leadership

A lot of brands and businesses fail to get the attention of their audience despite having an excellent team and excessive features in their products. It especially happens when they are presenting their products to the owners, and senior executives. If you want to stand out from your competitors then you have to pay attention to your strategic concerns, challenges and opportunities. You have to strengthen your thought leadership to overcome your deficiencies.
We provide award-winning thought leadership services that help your brand or business to stand out in the competitive markets. We help you to grab the attention of senior decision-makers and develop your reputation in the market as an industry leader.

Authority Marketing

Have you ever thought why some business perform better than others? Why the customers purchase a product or service from a particular brand? It is because those specific brands or business already have a well-built authority in the market. Thus, they have become the industry leaders over the years and customers always prefer their products and services over others.
We help our customers to achieve authority in the marketplace. As a start up or business, it can take years and plenty of achievements to do this on your own, but our professionals will help you with all their experience, knowledge and PR expertise to do this in a very short time period.


Speaking Opportunities

If you are looking to get the attention of your audience towards the presence of your brand, then you should be searching for industry relevant and reputable speaking opportunities. You must make it a crucial part of your PR plan. If you are new in the industry and just taking a start, then it could be difficult for you to find such reputable and industry relevant speaking opportunities.
We are here to make the things easier for you. Our professionals will perform a detailed analysis of your industry and will find you a lot of reputable speaking opportunities. It will help you to make your space in the market and strengthen your presence in the business world.